Saturday, November 13, 2010

TNA Reaction for Nov 11th 2010

We open with the tail end of the match between Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Douglas Williams/Beer Money Inc.   Morgan won. 
Jeff Hardy came out then with an attack from behind and the ugliest belt I've seen ever.  EVER! 

Cut to camera 1, Bishoff and Hogan talking about the new direction and the new ugly belt.

Cut to camera 2, Matt Morgan the evil druid talking about how the ref did a bad job at the ppv.

Cut to camera 3, Jeff Hardy talking about a rematch with Morgan.

Cut to camera 4, Brother Devon talking about Brother Ray and the turn.

Cut to camera 5, RVD and Tommy Dreamer talking about the screw job by EV2's Rhino

Cut to camera 3 again, Hardy promo. Giving a bit more on his new view of the world. There is a reason he's got the black and purple going for anyone who's not into the occult... I'll leave it at that.

Cut to camera 1 again, Hogan yammering on about how the business needed a twisting up. And Bishoff talking about the need to strip it all down and rebuild.  That would be the Death and Tower cards in tarot.

THEN THE VIDEO PLAYER CRAPPED OUT!   this is on the Spike official site.  I don't know if it's the video player you guys are using, or if there was tech issues with the tape the other night, or if it's where there is so many people logging on to watch that it caused a traffic jam but there was about 6minutes of footage that just stayed paused on Hardy's close up but the clock was still counting down that it should be playing. 

Cut to camera 2 again, Morgan talking about the ref being a rookie, this would be at the 15minute mark of the show on the site.

Cut to camera 6, Robert Roode discussing the handicap match he was part of earlier in the night.

Cut to camera 7, Kaz talking about how Douglas Williams lost the match earlier.

Cut to camera 4, back to Brother Devon talking about getting knocked out by Ray.

Cut to camera 8, we see Brother Ray start to beat the crap out of the interviewer... seriously? That guy is back in the wrestling business?  That dude from Wonder Years... isn't he part of the reason WCW went under? 

Cut to camera 6 again, Beer Money Inc giving their point of view on the end of Team 3D.... how much trouble would I get if I asked James Storm to cut his hair like an inch?  Beautiful man too long hair.

Cut to camera 5 again, RVD on trust. then Tommy Dreamer showed off his scares

Cut to camera 9, Jay Lethal talking about how Cookie is the issue not Robbie. This could be a very interesting feud.

Cut to camera 10 Robbie and Cookie talking like ....
Then Another tech issue where it skipped a good five minutes worth.  Dude, I must have reloaded the damned page 6 times and it still jumped to the end segment.
Cut to camera 11 Rhino talking about Sabu.
Cut to camera 6 again, brief bit of Beer Money Inc, before jumping into Abyss talking about the end of an era.  Jump to Kaz and A.J. Styles being uber angry.

Not too bad an episode this week, minus all the tech issues. Seriously, it's a 42minute show; it should not take me 2 hours to watch because of all the tech issues.

No I did not do a post for Impact this week cause once again, I thought Impact blew goat. 

Reaction gets a C