Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lights out in the Library (part 4)

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"Dude is jealous" Galvin said swinging his messengers bag on his shoulder, looking around slightly as he started to climb the stairs.

"Jealous of what? You?" Lyell said giggling. "You give yourself too much credit." he gripped the railing as he made the turn towards the next flight.

"Jealous of you. I saw the way she was looking at you. And here you were the one scolding me..."

"Scolding yes. You deserved to be scolded." Lyell replied looking over his shoulder in the semi darkness of the stairway at his younger brother. "You see the size of that man. You should be glad he's not jealous. Could toss you fifty feet if he wanted to with one hand."  they continued for another moment their shoes squeaking on the stairs as they made it to the landing and opened the door to the library.  "uh oh." Lyell said as he felt his brother slam into him. "Aren't the lights suppose to be on?" he shrugged in a wince before moving towards where the front doors were, only a few strains of light peeking from the edges of the windows, from the street lights to see by. He didn't need to try the door, there was a flashing light on the security box to his right.  The library was closed for the night and locked tight.

"We're locked in?" Galvin asked his hand out palm up fingers spread wide. "How can we be locked in? The place doesn't close till 9pm it's only..." he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and looked at the display "7:45pm."

"It's open till 9pm Monday to Thursday.  Today is Friday. It's closed at 7pm." Lyell said letting his hands slap against his jeaned thighs. "Come on, back downstairs find out where the exit is that Hermia and Riggs use. See if we need a key."

"Back down stairs?" Galvin started to chew on his lower lip. "Back to where Riggs is? Riggs who you just finished telling me is jealous?"

"Any better ideas hot shot. Come on scared of your own shadow." Lyell said shaking his head at him heading back towards the stairway.  Galvin stood there for a moment his eyes adjusting to the darkness before lowering his head to his chest and shrugging. 

A dizzy feeling came over Galvin once again as they passed the room few doors away from the storage room. Reaching out, he leaned on the doorframe his right hand to his temple.  
"You okay?" Lyell asked his younger brother.

"I just need to sit for a minute. Headache." he stammered as he shuffled towards the nearest chair.  The lights were off as he slipped on something.  Galvin was flat on his back his hip hurting from landing on his messenger's bag. "Well there goes my hip" he mumbled as Lyell moved his hand across the wall looking for the switch. 

A scream escaped his brother once the lights were on. Galvin was laying face to face with a very large very dead skunk.  Lyell burst out laughing at him.  "You moron. You knocked over a display case. It's stuffed."

"I slipped in something. Aw man! I'm all wet. What the hell....?" he brought his hands up to see the clear liquid splashed all over his right side. Wiping his hands in his jeans he rubbed at his right knee. "Smells like rotten eggs."

"Sulfur maybe? It is a basement.  Could be anything down in here."


Part 5 soon