Thursday, November 11, 2010

I hate mornings now

Couldn't sleep.  Neighbour's kid was up screaming in the hallway.  Got up, made a coffee turned on the computer.  No internet.  Great wonderful. 
Doorbell rang, the next book for review arrived "The Ex Boyfriend Handbook" was chatting with the delivery lady as she's gotten to know me a bit. 
Internet still out so had to call the phone company. Me thinking that because they are just opening for the day that I wouldn't be on hold for long.  HAHAHAHA! talk about stupid thoughts.  On hold for almost an hour then the guy tells me everything is fine on their end to check my cell phone.  I do not have internet on my cell phone, I'm too poor for such things. He laughed.  LAUGHED because I do not have net on my cell.  Bastard.  Then tells me to check all my boxes and wires. 
This would normally get a dirty joke out of me, but after being on hold for nearly an hour before the day even starts and him laughing at the no cell net part... I went ahead and checked all the cables and dren; the whole time rattling things loudly into the phone to annoy the guy.
Ends up, there was a loose wire sticking out of one of the cables.  I am guessing it got pulled or tripped over or stepped on or something, cause it was a little yellow wire sticking out of the casing.  all that trouble for something smaller then a pin.