Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wrestling with Writer's Block... part 2

Haven't written a thing on my novel in almost two months.  Completely stuck on what to do with my one male lead.
Normally I would watch some wrestling and zone out until I got a spark. But it's not working.   It might as well be white noise right now for all the good it's doing.

And then I saw this..... 

..... and now I have a few notes for a scene where my lead male is (yes the one I wrote the cereal scene for last time) doing a round of bad dating.  (some of my own dating horror stories will end up in it) Now, you are thinking, how can seeing a bunch of X-Division wrestlers playing a round of musical chairs back in 2006 spark a scene in the infamous novel where the lead is dating? 

Elementary my dear Watson.  They are going round and round and no one is really winning or playing fair. Much like dating in general.  That and look at how hot Alex Shelley looks there.  I thought the metaphor  of blindly jumping into the crowd worked well for that. 

When the time comes and I actually get this thing finished and published (which at this rate will be sometime in the next decade) I'll have to thank the X-Division big time. 

I might have gotten my Muse back.