Sunday, November 7, 2010

Killed by Love or Just Strung Out

This is another of those moments when I hate having a guy point something out to me.   Remember once or twice before, I've mentioned that my friend's husband is always right.... well, it was brought to my attention that maybe my soulmate/true love bailed cause I bored him or made him feel less then special.

Yes my Spudguns,  you all remember the biggest omen around : when the right side of your body itches your true love is thinking of you:      and you might remember that my friend's husband made the comment that my true love is a regular reader of my blog and that he most likely bailed because either I freaked him out with my soulmate stuff or that maybe he simply got into a relationship, cause the itching I had every night for three months stopped.

Well, new thought came into things.  And remember I'm admitting friend's husband is right 90% of the time so I am really taking this serious.   The other thing could be that  he might have gotten tired of seeing nothing but screen captures of Sabin and Shelley.  Friend's husband went on to say that if it was him visiting the blog of his wife (before they got together)  and saw nothing but her favourite celebrities he'd stop caring and move on too. 
Makes sense as much as I hate to admit it. 
BUT, I'm pretty sure the wrestling stuff is what would have introduced any male readers to my blog on a regular basis.   Let me rephrase that,  any male readers who are not former boyfriends/lovers.  As I know a few men from my past who read me to see if I'm going to talk about them...Freud.

So if that's the case, if the guy stumbled on my blog because of the wrestling; then he knew what he was setting himself up for, no? Why bail?

Friend's husband's buddy was over and added this comment to the issue "what if it's another wrestler, who is not only tired of seeing these other guys as competition at work but for your time?"  
I swear, the colder the weather gets the smarter the men get.  I've never really thought of this before, now it's all I've been able to think of for the last few hours.