Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ever get the feeling your getting short changed

Gurus, Life Coaches, Sexperts, and Experts, all have something to say.  Most of it different.

You've heard me say that I've started to work with life coaches this last year.  Has my situation improved?  A dram.  Nothing like what I was hoping or promised for that matter.

The thing is,  half of them are saying timing is everything, that nothing will happen til it's meant to. No matter how hard you work at something it won't happen till the stars line up for you.
The other half are saying if you are getting blockage after blockage no matter what your dreams are, that it means your dreams are not what you are meant to be doing.  That your real destiny is something else. 

My question to that is then why is it your dream?

Okay, timing is everything, but isn't hard work and dedication as well?  Does that mean nothing?  Setting things in motion and waiting for a reaction has to count for something doesn't it?

So what I think I learned today is this... ??????????????????????????????????