Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday night

The rush of October season is over, everything is winding down for a bit before the winter holidays kick into gear.  So you have about a week and a half before I would normally go into hibernation or what I like to call "the three months of suicide for women" time. 
I've said this in the past, that the dates between Nov 15th and Feb 18th have the highest rates for women to be committing suicide.  Even though winter is the season of the vampire, I hate the holidays.  Can't stomach them at all.  Feb 14th should be demolished!

With that all said, I am trying to have a happier attitude this year.  Doing my best not to look at it as the evil hell day that it normally is,  or that Dec 25th-Jan 3rd are either.  Did I mention I hate the holidays.

With all the books I have for review, and really I should be reading right now not blogging cause I am behind two reviews (3 weeks of work) I will have something to keep my mind off the badness of the holidays. 

So Carry On....