Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10pm Okay

I'm finished the review thank god. It's scheduled for just after midnight to post on my book blog

Now, I have till Friday to get the next one read and the questions for the author handed in.  If I actually get to the bottom of the pile of books I have for review (which is now sitting at 12 books before the end of January) I will be more then amazed.

Seriously,  I think once I get through this next one, that I can crank out at lest 7 of the 12 on time. There are a few that are over 800 pages that I know for fact I won't get done on time.

This is the average size of book that the publishers send me.  They're unedited advanced copies, some have the covers but most don't.  We're talking the size of phone books at times.

photo by ME hcvp'2010