Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wed Nov 3rd -Oh?

Starbucks Dude read my blog last night after I complained about missing flirting.  He pointed me towards this guy.  International Model Guy. 

Starbucks Dude: " He makes that wrestler that you're always crushing look like hamburger helper." 

Me:"What's wrong with Hamburger Helper?"

Starbucks Dude:  " Do you want to meet International Model Guy or what?"

Well, yeah I just finished bitching about being alone so of course I want to meet this guy.
He happens to be living here now, I don't have all the details, but he's originally from here or something. Anyways, International Model Guy (IMG) and I spent a brief few minutes chatting.  We exchanged emails, and he ended the thing by saying "I find you extremely interesting and at somepoint would like to go have a coffee" 

Translation "I think your an ugly cow but I will string you along for a few weeks just in case I get really bored/horny/dumped."

I'm just going to go make pasta and watch Best of the X-Division vol 2