Saturday, November 6, 2010

Coffee break

Well yeah sort of.   I'm sitting here feeling like death warmed over with ketchup, and thought I'd check out the MotorCityMachine Guns! Spike blog this week... again.  Yes, I skimmed it the other day but did not pay close attention the first time. 

18,373.   That is the number of blog hits to that one post since Thursday.  It's only Saturday.  Oh My.  that's a record is it not?   I believe that surpassed your boys last two blog posts combine.  Don't quote me on that as I can not do math to save my life. 

Mr. Sabin had me laughing with his half of the post. That would have been a drenny costume... don't worry my Spudguns if you don't get the joke in that, Mr. Sabin will.  I know I know I've lost part of my razor's edge and venom lately.

Mr. Shelley... my instinct is to offer you a cup of tea and a slice of banana loaf, and ask you if you want to talk about it.  No venom, no jokes just straight up ask if you're okay.

Well, if by chance you get around to seeing this before your ppv tomorrow, good luck. Don't get hurt.