Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teflon yourself

I just had a published author tell me that it took 3 books before they got an agent/publisher.  
3 manuscripts!  That's like 12 years of their life before they got noticed.  I had someone else tell me they had a stack of rejection letters the size of a phone book before they got an agent.

Dude! I've had more then a few rejection letters over the years as it is.  Been screwed out of money by editors who weren't what they claimed, publishers who were nothing more then liars. 
Teflon myself.  Yeah, sure easy for them to say, they have husbands/wives to cry to at night when the dren hits the walls. 

All I have is this bloggy-blog (okay a string of bloggy-blogs) and an addiction to wrestlers.  I'm already 36.  Maybe I need to finish writing that A.J. Styles story Dear Miss Bates that I have started on this blog?