Monday, November 1, 2010

Inspire me... please!

I haven't written a thing on my novel or on the short stories or my zombie/vampire film for that matter in over a month.   This is the worst writer's block I've had in years. 

I need a guy, just one, who will either answer my stupid little questions on this blog, or who is willing to leave comments or something. 

I need a new muse! 

I've said more then once that I can't seem to work unless there is a man in my life, or at lest a crush, or even a best male friend.   Big on with the shortage of testosterone as of late.   All my male friends started dating and bailed on me. 

So for my male Spudguns.... dude! This is me begging on my knees getting dirty scraps on them and bruises.  I need to at lest finish the two shorts on this blog  Lights out in the Library and Dear Miss Bates come on guys throw me a bone here...