Monday, November 29, 2010

Echoing loneliness

Right. So I was back on Twitter just now, and I see that whomever it was that had left me a mention on there, deleted it.  So the strangeness of it remains, but someone retweeted my morning tweet.  No clue who.  Suppose it doesn't matter.

Does anyone else when they use twitter feel like they're screaming into the dark?  No just me then.

I don't know, it always reminds me of that game when you're a kid where you string to soup cans together and try to talk.  You know how it's an echoing muffle. Seriously dude,  with everyone and their dog's grandmother all twittering at the same time, how does anyone manage to keep up?  I'm only following 11 people on mine, and it's craziness with major amounts of tweets coming in at the same time from all of them. 

So the book for review this week is "365 Thank Yous"   by John Kralik.   It's a memoir of one year of his life.  I'm half way through it. 
But it's got me thinking,  we don't communicate the way we used to.  As a society and as individuals. 
I've been trying to change how I communicate in general, and my TNA Spudguns will notice a massive drop in my silly posts. 

Okay, so the holidays are coming at us with a speed of lightening and I'm starting to feel it.  Even though I said I was going to be easier on myself this year, and I am actually,  it's still weighing down on me.  Another winter single. It sucks in a bad way.