Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well now I feel even more stupid

You know how you think you know the ins and outs of a topic because you did some studying on it when you were a teenager but didn't pay that close attention to it cause you were a cocky ego driven kid, then come across something on the topic twenty years later and are like "oh cool really I never knew that".

Yeah, it's one of those moments.
Reading  "Herbal Magick"  by Gerina Dunwich,  one of my top favourite Wiccan Authors, and this little bit of info jumped out at me. 

Saturn - Roman astral god, originally worshipped as an agricultural and harvest deity. He's festivals are celebrated from Dec 17th to the 19th

You know what else I learned this morning... you're dripping with anticipation I know you are... that if you're making tea, always add the sugar/honey first before you add the milk/cream or else you will end up fighting with your mate all day.   I had no idea on that one. So yeah, a new omen yay.