Friday, February 18, 2011

To Blabble part 5

Just a little crazy today. Slightly under the impressionable weather

Objective of day: To go to mother's and watch replay of NXT  To finish reading the latest book for review because the weather has turned into a evil storm.

Feelings on this:  Don't like feeling like my options have been removed from me. Sitting inside when I want to be outside makes me feel like I did when I was stuck after injuries.

Reality of this:  Praying internet holds up with the wind storms and freezing rain.

Conclusion of this report:  Will miss this week's episode of NXT, as I did last week.

This is one of those days where having someone to chat with would be nice. Even though I know I'll get more work done if it's a silent day.  Might even get the energy up to clean the kitchen....