Thursday, February 3, 2011

Okay and now?

I'm not sure how I feel.
I was reading the book for book club, and I'm sitting here now just... baffled. I guess is the term.

I loved Julie Powell's first book, and I found alot of things in this second book that I identified with.  But, I'm left feeling like... I want an explanation.

And yes I finished reading.  Frealing amazing isn't it. 
Means I'll actually have to get back to work on the books for review now.  The next one I need to read is called "The Werewolf Upstairs".  I think I'm suppose to be getting an author interview with that one, but won't know till I talk to the press agent next week.

Anyways... this will make post number 600.  66 posts to go to reach my Feb 14th goal of 666 blog posts.   Ummm.... 11 days and 66 posts.  I'll admit, I'm not sure even I can babble on that much in that short a time frame.  Unless I pull out the big ... Guns!  I might have to actually start doing TNA reviews again to meet that goal.