Thursday, February 17, 2011

Salt will kill ya

I was just watching this week's episode of Top Chef, and found it to be both humourous and deadly.

Sesame Street characters to an empty store at 3am.    What did four of them make, soup.

Well, and cookies as it was a cookie challenge at the beginning. 

I can not bake to save my little black heart, so even the ice disk of Richard Blais would make me jealous. 
Angelo Sosa got the hatchet for making his dish too salt(y)  which anyone in a domestic kitchen could screw up on.   Trust me, the salt battle in my family is one that is never ending. 
I like to see some of the judges have one episode where they have to be sleep deprived and given a whacked out challenge like this.  and Top Chef Masters doesn't count today.