Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's all about the wine

My younger sister's Godparents are a delightful couple.  She's Italian and he's French.  And they've been together something like 45 years.

Growing up holidays in our house was craziness.  My dad's Dutch, my Mom is Newfie, I have an Great Aunt who is Scottish {mother's aunt},  an Aunt who is Ojibewe {father's sister in law}, and then my sister's godparents -Italian and French. 
Trust me when I say, it got confusing at times when everyone wanted to get their point across and no one was listening to each other.  And no, I can not speak a word of Dutch but that's another rant for another time.

Anyways, my sister's godparents own a restaurant here in town and this is something I've never paid attention to before until now,  she does all the cooking and he does all the drinks. 
Hold your crickets, I'm getting to my point.  

The food and wine is what you need to pay attention to, not the language issues. 
I'm going to remind you for the millionth time about the book My Life in France by Julia Child  and the book  Julie/Julia by Julie Powell.  And tell you that part of their culinary success had to do with the fact that the husbands were wine guys. They knew what to pair with what dish and what was a decent flavour and all that entails.  Just like my sister's godparents. 

After one of those crazy moments when someone says something out of nowhere about nothing else in the conversation, my sister's godmother said "a great Cook needs a great Sommelier" 

This actually made me think of something that Suzie the Foodie said recently, that her and her husband are getting more serious about their use/knowledge of wine.

Could it be, the missing ingredient to all my questions and searching?  A wine expert? Now there is something to think about.