Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everybody Be Cool- You be cool

Yes quoting from the movie From Dusk Till Dawn  simply because it's such a frealing wicked movie.

So it's Sunday it would seem.  Damn, where did the week go?

Well, no excuses, but if you've been reading my Clean Your Shorts!  blog  you know the big pink one  you know that I've had a bit of a ... well whatever.  shameless plug for that blog cause it needs Spudguns.

When I started this here bloggy-blog it was meant to be THE blog. One blog to cover everything so that I would not have to spend my day trying to manage 50million internet things.  Yeah that worked oh so well didn't it? 
  1. Cause I have the vampire blog I never spend any time on,
  2. my wrestling blog that I only look at once a week now, 
  3. my book club blog, 
  4. my cooking blog, 
  5. my  SATC styled blog (the pink one as everyone here seem to refer to it), 
  6. my book review blog that is totally clean of anything goofy,
  7. this one, 
  8. and the new one that is just for a year. That project might work it might not. 
I think that I am officially addicted to this what do you think?  I think you are right my delicious Spudguns.

Anyways, the point was to have all that stuff here on this one.  I just can't seem to keep from making themed blogs where I talk about just one thing. I have to get ahold of myself in that regards man.
I had the same problem few years ago, and even tried doing a "landing page" that was all links to the rest of the blogs.  It got too much.  Just a mess.

Okay, so this is me this morning, having not had any coffee just talking out loud trying to get my head cleared of chaos.