Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm up honest.

Psycho neighbour was clomping around in the hallway again this morning trying to get her brat to school or daycare or the mental ward at the children's hospital or wherever he goes from 9-12,  whom I might add was having one of his full on exorcist's twists (little Buffy quote for you there) 
I'm not even joking.  Honestly, dude if you were to listen in on that kid's tantrums you'd think it too.  The screaming at a high pitch that it makes it sound like he's talking another language, and the throwing stuff around.  The kid has to be at lest 9 years old by now, and he can shatter furniture. Neighbour is forever having to buy new chairs and tables cause the kid keeps throwing them at the wall, her, the door.

Went with mom to her doctor's yesterday. It was laundry day for her, so I went over to her place early, helped her with her laundry, sneaked in a few tee shirts of my own, then when we got back from her appointment, mother wanted pizza. 

Now, I have roughly 67 pages left in the latest book I'm doing for review.  I'm going to make a coffee and try to finish reading this book before middle of the afternoon.  Had I not gone with mom yesterday, I might have finished it on time. 
No, I could not have taken the book with me, as I am one of those who can not read if there is any kind of noise around.