Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm normally in bed long before this, but tonight I was trying to watch TNA Impact on the Spike website so ... yeah anyways.  
Every morning, when I get up there are a stack of emails from people always stamped between 1am and 230am.  Cause everyone else are night owls.
Tonight, I'm still up, in zombie mode but still up, so I decided to check emails before going to bed, and of course, this is the night they all chose not to email.

And I know, I know (she says in her best Pipefiter from Hard Core Logo voice ) that when I get up in the morning and check emails, there will be the normal stack from everyone all time stamped for five minutes after I go to bed.  I just know this, cause everyone wants to make me just a little bit crazy.

What do you wanna bet I'm awake in two hours with my normal insomnia?