Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Author firings

I just got a message from Book Blogs, and the topic of the day, hot off the presses, is that famed writer LJ Smith, who created the Vampire Diaries over 20 years ago, has been removed from the series by her publishers.

Crazy right?

Some of the chatter says that she was never the original creator, but a writer for hire and the copyright actually belongs to the publishers.

Should that matter?   These are her creations, her years of work, her thoughts on paper.  She gave them a voice, a soul.  Not the publishers.

I never picked up on the tv series. (I saw the pilot episode online the other year and was disappointed)
But I loved adored and respected the original books back when I was in high school, twenty years ago.  It just does not seem right to me at all.  The publishers will be seeing their mistake soon, I'm sure. Fans, die hard fans, will know the difference when a new writer picks up the role.