Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Spells and Trouble

My doorbell rang.   Weird, I wasn't expecting anyone.  I go down to see who it is, and there is my Cousin standing there a look of I'm not sure what on his face, shuffling in the snow.
Just to fill you all in, my Cousin and I haven't hung out in years on account of his wife's an evil hell bitch tramp. 

"Need to ask you something." 

"You loose my number?  Email would have been warmer... where did you find parking space anyways?"

Walk back into my apartment which is nice and toasty and he pulls a little doll out of the inside pocket.
"I found this in the daughter's room. Would you explain this to me. I know you're into to all this .... stuff." he sort of rolled his eyes at me. "You were right about the spoon thing."

My Cousin is a really sweet guy, who's been brainwashed by the evil hell bitch tramp wife of his. 

It was a little doll form actually. The kind you get from the craft store to make rag dolls with.  It's all cloth, and doesn't have any hair or facial features cause you're suppose to sew them on yourself. It was plan with a pin in the chest, a heart drawn on it.  
It was sort of cute to be honest. 

"Um okay.  Was that everything?   Any books, candles, anything else? Cause it could be just a pin cushion. Beginning of a project. She doing anything for school?"

"I've had to take the movie The Craft away from her twice in the last month. It's all she watches." he coughed. Smokers hack actually, on my floor. Thanks.  "Her babysitter brought it over and left it"

"Okay then.  I see your issue. You are sure it's not a project for school? Nothing for art class? Sewing thingie for Brownies?"

"Pretty sure. You're going to make me ask her aren't you?"

"Yes, and if it's not for school, then just bury it. Whatever you do, do NOT burn it. Either bury it or toss it in the river. If she did do anything spell wise with it, burning it will actually active it.  You want to bury it or send it down to the bottom of the water.  Don't give me that look, you asked I'm telling."

My Cousin sort of looked at me like he wasn't sure then sort of stood there for a second not too sure of himself before leaving.

Well, that was my excitement for the week.