Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Chefs De Jour

It's been one of those odd days I must say.   Had a rare and brief conversation with the neighbour's babysitter as she was taking out the trash.  We're both Top Chef junkies. 
And oddly enough, we both thought that Fabio Viviani was the hottest of all the chefs on all the seasons. 

It's very weird when someone ends up having the same taste in men I do.  Makes me nervous. 

Anyways, then we chatted for a moment about food and cooking shows in general.  Once again, we both gave a collective sigh as we dreamily said the name Chuck Hughes.   Oh yeah baby, Suzie I'm still green with envy on you having gotten to interview him last summer too.

I remember one of my favourite cooking shows when I was a kid that came on Sunday afternoons here,  was Pasquale's Kitchen.   For some odd reason I was thinking the show was called "Cooking with Pasquale" ... but the babysitter told me no that was his cookbook.   Yes I had to google it and try to prove her wrong but damn it! She was right.