Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Chariot and other stuff

Okay Spudguns,  I just finished posting a short post on my year project about the Chariot card in tarot.

I have been sort of slinking back into the wrestling stuff this week on the wrestling blog

There are a few new posts on my book blog, and the April selection over on the book club blog as well.

So why the Chariot you might be thinking... well it's been popping up like a bad penny the last few weeks. And today, because of something that I saw that had to do with wrestling, I think I figured out why it was popping up all the time.
So, in classic me form, I blogged about it.  I did it on the other blog for a few reasons. 
  1. I've been doing the Wishcasting Wednesdays on the other blog for the last while and thought it fit with that vibe
  2. Spudguns! Really... I would have thought you'd have jumped on that bandwagon by now, cause there isn't much in the way of readers over there so I was just trying to boost some.
  3. Um... not really having a third point, just thought two points looked off.
Few other things that myself and some blogging buddies are hatching. Hopefully it will come at you all next week.

Okay, grab a coffee and take a round trip on the links and let me know how everyone is doing.