Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To Blabble... part 3

Have just finished doing the morning emails. Have yet to have coffee, need to read another 20 pages in the latest book I am doing for review before I head to my mother's.

Objective of day: Mother has doctor's appointment at 2pm, must go with her for this.

Feelings on this:  Pissed she only told me at 11:30pm last night and wishing I could find a way to snag a handful of tranquilizers while I will be waiting in the overcrowded doctor's office all afternoon.

Reality of this:   I will be stuck sitting in an overcrowded doctor's office all afternoon while I wait for mother to have her appointment.  With sticky fingered strangers kids running up to me snotting on me and having tantrums in the middle of the waiting room.  As well as having to sit next to smelly people on the bus there and back for 45 minutes

Conclusion to this report:   Will miss the replay of this week's WWE Raw