Monday, February 7, 2011

The Book Dork Is In... Season 2

I've just lost track on what number this is so.. second series I suppose.

Previously on the book dork... our heroine was under some sort of evil mind controlling spell cast upon her by the biggest villain in Thunder Bay, the Evil Necropussy and her side kick The Whipping Boy, and it took radiation from the mind numbing lead lined power gun to crack through the shield of doom to reactivate Book Dork's aka Captain CoffeeBean superpowers once again.

Now today on the Book Dork...  Yesterday, I was checking emails, and there was one from the book blogs group I am part of, that was about bad travel writers.  I went to check it out.  The guy ripped apart a bunch of travel writers, including the author of Eat Pray Love.  I had to leave a comment. So, today, I get an email from his blog cause I hit the subscribe to the post comments, and there were like four more comments listed, but mine wasn't posted. However, the dude sent me a private email. I had said in my comment in my usual sarcastic tone "bad day at the office?" cause this dude is a travel writer himself, and it just seemed like his bashing of the others came from his own lack of success. I noticed that all the comments he did publish were from men. Huh. And his private email to me simply said "Yes, how about you bring your pretty self to Mexico and help me get over it"
My reply was "I like my men like I like my wrestlers young and from Detroit."   I also stood up for the book-turned movie Eat Pray Love.  What the hell is it with men in their 60's?

Tune in next time for more adventures in Geekiness