Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My favourite part

You know what one of my favourite words is.... deglazed.

Whoa! That sneaked up on you and bit you on your soft and squishy parts.  It's a word I happen to like.  deglazed.  To deglaze.   Deglazing.  

I think it's very domestic. Very homey, very earthy a word.  A comforting word.

I'm sitting here, watching an episode of Chucks Day Off   online, and inbetween while it's needing to buffer every few minutes,  I'm rotating with the movie You've Got Mail   on DVD.  Yes, that's one of my all time favourite chick-flicks. 
Romance, books, letters, what else could you ask for?    I love the idea that two people fall in love by letters.  There is just something about it.  It's very close to my ideal.  Okay, one of my ideals, as you already know I would love to fall in love in a book store or coffee shop, or grocery. 

Yes, whatever my Spudguns, I'm just a total hopeless romantic.  But you already knew that.