Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feel the love or not

I have got to learn not to talk to my mother.

"What have you been doing all day?" she asked over the phone while eating noisily.

"Reading the latest for review.  British novel. Been out for a few years in Europe, but this is it's first Canadian/American printing so I have to get the review done before the end of the weekend. That and trying to get a hold of High Priestess."

"Well, she's not like you, you know. She's got stuff she has to do, she's married."

And you hear the sound of the guillotine as it removes my skull from my unmarried body.  

This is the attitude my entire family has. And trust me, with 4 Uncles (2 of which are married) and 1 Aunt (Twice divorced) on my mother's side, 12 of us grandkids (9 of my cousins are married with kids, 1 is just freshly divorced from her 2nd husband and my sister engaged with step kids) 3 Uncles on my dad's side (1 married to his second wife with 8 kids) and 1 Aunt on my dads' side (also on her second husband with 7 kids) who all have grand kids of their own.... trust me it's a big family. And I am the only one not married. 

You all wonder why I am so hot to get  Mr. Right... and I know he's out there. Just going by the omen of the right side being itchy when your true love is thinking of you, I know he was thinking of me for over 3 hours on Valentines.
Would the future Mr. Blood please stand up... before my mother really does kill me.