Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby Blues

The very first thing I ever blogged about a million years ago on a now long since deleted blog, was about how some of us choose not to become moms.

It's a topic I've touched on more then once over the years, in more then one way.  I've even on here at times dealt with my own biological clock making my ovaries twitch. Each time coming back to my senses and sticking to my guns.

The topic has appeared again in one of the blogging networks I sometimes haunt.  This time, from the stance of how we as non-mommy bloggers feel about how everything seems to be geared for the mommy blogs. 
It's one of those debates that will never satisfy everyone, because everyone is strongly expressing their own point of view.

If those of us that choose not to join the ranks of motherhood are feeling frustrated by the endless chatter and ads/contests/giveaways that are constantly in our face, then I can only imagine how bad it is for those out there who are trying to become mothers but are unable to. 
It would be a nightmare, like the world was mocking you constantly. (I can say this for fact because it's the same way I feel seeing other women suddenly happily engaged/married and other writers who suddenly get a four book deal.)
It's like having a non-stop set of roundhouse kicks to the back of the skull. You just never catch your breath.

Before I started doing any kind of wrestling related writing, I threw in the occasional blog post about my friend's kids, and those rare moments of internet space would by far gather more hits and comments then anything else. Then I discovered the power of Mr. Sabin's hair to draw a crowd.
Which just goes to prove, and lead me to question some more, if  there are truly enough advertising dollars out there, enough groupings/categories and above all interest for those of us who are doing this from the other side of the fence or have we been shoved under the rug?
As once again, it seems the only bloggers who are making a name for themselves, including a paycheck, are the ones who blog for diapers. 

I just can't help but wonder, in a digital world of Cinderellas; are non-mommy bloggers, the internet's version of the ugly step-sister doomed to spinsterhood in the eyes of the press agents?