Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday -Sept 15th 2010

Jamie Ridler Studios once again seems to know what to be asking right when I need it. Today's question is "How do you wish to come out of your shell?"

Had you asked me that few years ago, I would have said I wasn't in one. But, the last night's Break Through seminar proved I am. I had ended up sitting at the back of the room against the wall cause that's where I have always felt comfortable. In the shadows away from eyes. At one point I needed to stand up to say something and I my dear Spudguns, verbally stumbled like a dweeb. I, who have very loudly on this blog screamed at international wrestling superstars, who has hosted a local tv show a million years ago, who has sung to a packed bar, who has done countless poetry readings to packed bars... I stammered when a few people quietly listened. (see brave Eh? when people are not paying attention or I'm behind electronics)

So how do I wish to come out of my shell... I'd love to do stand up comedy. Just once. Or get back to being a news reporter/interviewer for video where I have to think on my feet.
All honesty that's the best I can think of this week.