Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Names

The book of baby names that I got as a thank you for the book reviews I have been doing the last while,  came this morning.

I had to look a few up. 
Trust me this will come in handy for my writing, as I have mentioned that I tend to use the same four or five names all the time for my characters.  I've been poo-pooed by my friend Erin the evil one for that more then once. 

Now, I knew my own name -real first name- meant  "royalty".  I did not know that my real middle name meant "a woman graced with God's favour".   That's a nice thought isn't it?
And what does Ardeth mean you are thinking.... "field of flowers"   only the way I spell it is not listed in the big book of all knowledgefullness.    I first saw the name Ardeth in a novel by Nancy Baker called "Night Inside"  about a woman who is turned by force into a vampire and how she deals with her life then after.  
There are 13 alternative ways to spell Ardeth according to the baby names book,   my version is not among them.
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