Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Sept 19th 2010

"Hey we're at blockbuster and the Boy wants to rent the Vampiro documentary.  You have that one right?" Ninja asked on the phone bit ago referring to J.'s oldest son.


"So I don't have to waste money renting it, I can just come steal yours?"


Ninja started laughing, and I asked what was funny.  "The Boy wants to know if you have any other wrestling movies."

"That's a trick question right? JCW Slam Tv, Best of XDivision 2, Best of MMG/BMI, Wrestlemaniac and The Wrestler. Which does he want to borrow?"

"He wants to know if he can borrow the one with...what they called?  Beer Money he says."

"Yeah. It goes nowhere other then your place. If he does not finish watching it tonight, it does not under any reasons be allowed to be taken to his mom's, he does not lend it out to a buddy. Anything happens to it and he's buying me a new one."

"Yes I know. Did mom tell you what J. did?"  Ninja's voice took on a tone of utter disgust. "He left the apartment in his pajama bottoms, remembered to grab his cell phone, got out to the truck without keys and had locked himself out of the building. I am starting to wonder what I see in him."

"You can't help who you fall in love with, it just happens." deep sigh from me and a slight start of mad laughter.

"Yeah. God sometimes though, I swear he would forget his head if it wasn't attached to his neck. So anyway... hang on... you only have a PS2 right?"

"Yeah why?"

"The Boy wants to know what games you have?"

"Buffy game and a couple of wrestling ones."

"There's a shock. Hang on...You have the new one?"  my sister yawning now.

"Last one I got was the 2009 one.  I've got the TNA one though from 2008."

"Can he borrow them both?"

"Suppose. I didn't know he was a wrestling fan. Thought it was just hockey?"

"Football. The younger one likes hockey."

"Whatever. They're not my kids."  me digging through a box of dvds looking for the Vampiro, dropping movies on my foot.

"Yeah, he likes that one you don't." she yawned again.

"That narrows it down. Can you vague that up for me. Found it."

"That Hardy guy...hang on... Jeff Hardy The Boy says. Yeah my sister doesn't like him, she likes that MotorGuns guy... that Shelley guy, hang on...." she started laughing again.  "He says to tell you Alex Shelley sucks." sister laughing still.  Me rolling my eyes.

"I the only one who does not think that? And you've said that more then once in the last year."

"Pretty much. He's a dick. Can't understand why you still like him. " more yawning from my sister.

"Didn't we have this conversation already?" dropping another movie on my foot.

"You found the games yet or will you still be hunting when we get there?" yet another yawn.

 "He's a sweetheart to everyone else; only a dick to me."

" What?"

"Nothing. I just..hanging myself in the oven. When you coming to get them?"

"J. still hasn't found a movie himself yet, so I don't know, maybe twenty minutes."

"Yeah I know where the box of games are. Buried under another box of stuff in the corner of the living room. So yeah. "

"Okay see you in a bit."