Monday, September 13, 2010

Break Through night 1

Tonight was the first of two nights that the producers of Break Through the documentary are here.  They had a showing and meet and greet.

It turned into a impromptu workshop, which was not scheduled till tomorrow night.
The energy in the whole room was amazing!  Micheal and Jaimes are just the sweetest guys around.

At one point I had to get to the bathroom, and okay seriously,  why did no one tell me I looked like a pink raccoon all night?  That's what I get for matching my make-up with my shirt.  Oh my god dude, I guess you can take the ghoul out of the ICP make-up but you can't get the ICP make-up off the ghoul... here's me changed and minus a half pound of eye make-up.  This stuff stains a bit, I'll be pink raccoon for most the next few days now.  Well, I don't call myself the Zomberazzi  for nothing.