Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dude, will I ever learn?

Sitting at mom's, got here about a half hour ago, was suppose to have an afternoon of baking and a movie. I get here and mom is on her way out with my sister. 
She forgot. Thanks lovely, wonderful.  Couldn't feel better. 
So I am sitting here now watching this week's WWE Smackdown. At mom's, alone.

So before I got here, I went to the grocery and who did I bump into... the Single Dad.  And wait for it... his wife.   So he's not so single. Explains alot now doesn't it. 
He wouldn't look at me, kept his eyes down with that "I've got caught lieing" look on his face. 

This is why 1) I do not date guys with kids
2) local men anymore

Reality sucks goat balls.