Thursday, September 30, 2010

I just can not keep everything straight right now

I am one of those people who still use a paper dayplanner. Yes, I still carry an actual book form dayplanner in my purse. Let's face it most women do have a traditional dayplanner/calendar cause we need to keep track of our last period. Make sure it shows up when it's suppose to... are my male Spudguns making faces and fidgeting in their seats yet....

Normally, my dayplanner stays slightly empty, except for the obvious above mentioned and a few doctor's appointments. Just when you thought I had admitted everything you learn something else about me you never thought you would ever want to know. Cause my life is so overmuch with activities as you know... that was dripping with sarcasm in case you are not awake at 8:22 am on this freezing chilled Thursday morning on the last day of September.... I haven't had coffee yet and I'm just filling space with the sound of my own voice as I read out what I am typing... BUT this year my little black book (actually it's navy blue but that just doesn't have the same ring to is) is filled with stuff. Dates and titles of books for review and publishing dates and deadlines for the reviews to be posted.
Not too mention the stuff centered around the wellness group/Intenders group that I am sort of part of now... sort of on the edges of maybe.

And of course the normal doctors appointments for both mother and myself. Of which she has one today. She is going to Dr. S. for a round of whatever he needs to do to say that "yes you are healthy enough to go back into surgery" of which she will then go next week for surgery.

And why am I rambling on like this at this hour? Another book came. One I was not aware I was suppose to be getting for review. Must be a new intern working the office. Not only do I normally get a heads up on what will be sent to me from the press agent, I usually get a handwritten thank you and reminder of when the review is to be done for.
This time, a book showed up by itself in a white packaged bubblewrap bag. At lest this one has a stamp on the cover for 2011 release date.

Coffee now.