Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who's heart did you break today?

I hadn't heard from my buddy Patrick in a while, which is odd.  But I know when my male friends start dating someone new they back off. I got an email from him last night and we caught up a bit.  Seems he was sort of ending something not starting it with this one chick.  Uhmm... okay.

That got us on the topic of having a broken heart.  We've both had our share of having our hearts ripped out and mashed up under someone's boot only to be feed back to us.  Nice image Eh? I wonder what it's like to have that kind of power over someone?  Huh yeah I'm morbid and why I write romantic fiction. I get to play out all sides of the story that way.  But in real life,  dude, I'm always the one who is left a puddle on the floor for months afterwards.
I asked him what it was like to break someone's heart.  He laughed and said he had no idea.  Where I come from, all men have broken someone's heart, ripped it to tiny pieces, so I told him I didn't believe him. We argued.  Then he turned it around on me and asked me the same thing.

"Um dude, I have no idea.  It's like not humanly possible for me to break someone's heart.  Never happened unless you count my novels of course."
He laughed at me. "Yes you have. You've broken someone's heart."  Here's me clueless and asking him to tell me when how and who? "You broke the heart of your wrestlers when you stopped writing, of your readers."   Oh now he's a comedian we should give him his own comedy network  I told him that was my gimmick and to get his own.

But now I am wondering about stuff. Cause that's what I do. How do you know if you've broken someone's heart if they are not in your life anymore?  We've all been there.  The big bad breakup, the job loss. Just because it's not a physical daily thing in our lives anymore, doesn't mean we loose sight of the emotional end of it. 
{insert scene from Hard Core Logo here where Joe Dick is fighting Billy Tallent}
I wanted to make my point with a clip from Hard Core Logo  but the scene was way too long so I didn't.
Then I was going to smoothly switch gears and talk about the new Bruce McDonald film Trigger which I am dying to see.  A female version sort of of HCL.  Big rumours (not so much rumours as I read it on an interview Bruce McDonald did few months ago) that part 2 of HCL is due next year and there might be a part 3.   Let me say this,  Bruce McDonald is a god.  No one does rock n roll movies or videos for that matter in Canada like he does.  None.  He's the man.

Oh hell... lets add it anyway.  I found this clip on youtube