Friday, September 24, 2010

The electric coffin

You've heard me talking about my O.I. and all the injuries over the decades I've had.  I've been broken and set and rebroken and reset so often I'm like a jigsaw puzzle  and you've heard me in the past elsewhere on my blogs about not liking MRIs. 
So I finally got that long awaited CTscan for my back, after you know months of pain and it finally settling down from- nearly healed actually- that's the one ... upside if you want to call it that of the O.I., you brake like eggshells but you heal at double the time of average humans... - so after like close to 4 months of waiting for this scan to be ordered I went in for it. 
So I called to confirm the appointment and get told on the phone it's been downgraded to just x-rays because I was smart enough to go to emerg myself and get the first round done.  Spiffy.  I get to the x-ray department and the nurse at the desk tells me I am to go all the way to the other end of the floor, and that I am five minutes late. 
No- I argue- my appointment was for 7:45, it's 7:20, I'm early.  She argues that I was suppose to be there at 7:15.  Fine whatever.  Go to the other end of the floor and find myself at the little waiting room that says CTscans and fill out a form this other nurse hands me that says....MRI  at the top of it.  I ask are they the same thing then?   She tells me no, that my appointment is now for an MRI and raises an eyebrow at me.
What? When that happen?  No one told me it got changed again.  I complain cause by this time I was beyond in a fighting mood, and almost ready to just walk away.  The tech comes out and leads me into the change room and asks why I was surprised about it being an MRI?  I explain all this to her and she nods just saying my doctor should have called to let me know.   Um Yeah I'd say so, cause I would have not bothered to confirm it had I known. 
Now, I am not one to be taken in with claustrophobia normally but these MRI machines have embedded it in me in the last while.   Just the MRI machines mind you, I'm good with other small spaces.  But it's like being in an electric coffin with alot of noise and lights.  I just really do not care for them.  Add to it when you have a bad back, laying on the slab is just... painful.