Sunday, September 12, 2010

Change it and shut up

"You need to find a shorter title"  Ninja told me on the phone.  "That's just too long a title. No one will buy a novel called that." 
We were talking about nothing particular then she asked me about the book I am reading, told her what I thought so far, then off we went about my novel for a few.
I have been thinking about changing my title just not sure to what yet.  Mind you I am still on draft 5.  I'm getting there, I'm getting there.
I have no idea what to call it.

Ninja continued, and I might say this was one of the longest chats her and I have had in a long while. It was nice.  But she continued... "you don't want to be locked in with the other 'local authors' right off it will put a bad taste in the mouths of people at the book store.  Don't rush it, work on it till it's fabulous. Make sure it's something that I can be proud to say I'm related to understand."  she was dead serious.

"Hey if Blah Blah can have two books and So-InSo can have one as well, dude I'm so going to kick their asses with my novel when it comes out."

"Yeah." Ninja said laughing at me. "Right on. I have no idea how Blah Blah managed to get a second book no one liked the first one."

"I'm not just being egotistical either."
"I know you will kick their asses, it's not that hard to do. Both their books were crap. I won't let you put out crap! I will not be known as the sister of the crap writer! You better believe when you get it done it's going to kick their asses." She continued to laugh.

"Yeah! Like a double frogsplash followed by a wicked DDT, and topped off still there?"


"You stopped laughing thought you hung up on me."

"You're doing it again. Stop it, I don't care about the wrestling. You know what,  just go back to it and stop talking to me about it. I don't like wrestling, I have never liked wrestling. I'm sick of hearing about it.  Go back to pretending to be Bobby Heenan or whoever it is your trying to be. I always thought that Shelley guy was a dick anyway; never understood what you see in a guy like that." Ninja was starting to yell slightly at me, never a good thing.

"Have you seen him wrestle? He's a genius in the ring." I ended up spilling coffee on myself and the counter, I was thinking I  had made a lovely Heel.

"Nope and don't plan to. You are going to have a lot of reviews when the time comes and if you can't handle one comment now; how do you expect to handle them when you get published? You need a thicker skin."

"Look who's talking."

"I'm not the writer, you are. You really need to find another title though. It's just too long. Okay, I have to do my hair still. Need to get a few things done while J. is out with the kids. Talk to you later... and change the title of your novel cause right now it sucks."