Monday, September 6, 2010

Hold the Line and take the plates to the kitchen

"Hold the Line/ Love isn't always on Time"  - Toto.   

You are wondering why I am quoting an old song from 30 years ago, it plays a big role in the rest of the story.

I had my chart done the other week, and was amazed at what she told me. One thing was that I have been standing in my own way and that way is now clear.  She then went on to tell me I would meet "my twin soul"  in a restaurant.  Right, I've been saying for awhile that food will lead to my finding a husband, so isn't a little ironic a woman who only had my birthdate said this to me?
So for the past week every day I've dragged myself for a walk to the grocery. There is a pizza place, two burger joints, a Chinese place and donut shop all next door to the grocery. Who knows right.
Anyways, the song "Hold the Line"  by Toto has been playing every day I've dragged myself to the grocery.  At first I was thinking it was time for them to get a new cd for their stereo, but ends up it was the radio. 
I did not meet anyone new.

So yesterday,  the Wellness Center was hosting a showing of the dvd "The Science of Miracles" by Gregg Braden. The Wellness Center is on the 3rd floor of one of the city's hotels. There was to be coffee and dessert after the movie during discussion time. Helen and Barbra were setting up and needed plates from the restaurant downstairs.  I went down to help get them. 
I saw the new sous-chef come out of the back to talk to the bartender as we were going back upstairs.

Movie was fabulous by the way, I highly recommend you see it if you have not. It blends science with the progression of spiritual prayer.

Anyways, back to the story.   After wards we were cleaning up and Helen told me to take the stack of now dirty dishes to the restaurant while herself and Barbra put all the chairs away. I did. And stood there waiting for nearly 10 minutes like a hoser because there was no one working the dinning room, and only two nearly drunk guys sitting watching a game at the bar.  Ready to just leave the stack of dirty plates on the bar a commercial came on the television with the Toto song just as the door to the kitchen swung open.  It was the new sous-chef.  Nice. I handed him the plates and went out to meet up with Helen in the lobby.  The sous-chef came out to the hotel desk while I was waiting, looked at me over his shoulder a few times then went back into the kitchen. 
Helen gets there and we go to leave.  We are not out of the parking lot when she remembers she had left something back inside.
I'm sitting in the car sweating at this point waiting for her to get back. Another car has pulled up at the lights beside where we're parked their windows down blasting music.  Again the Toto song.  Okay my attention is fully engaged now. Helen comes back in and tells me they couldn't find what she had gone back in for,  her and Sous-Chef who's name she got by the by.  She had him helping her look for her missing item.

No the Sous-Chef is not my ONE.  I know that. But, it's an ironic set of events that just proves you never know.  But since I will be spending more time in the coming months at the Wellness Center, who knows he might make for an interesting distraction while I wait for my soulmate...