Friday, September 3, 2010

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Damn it Janet!  Didn't work. 

I got asked how the sewing project was coming along, my Bride of Frankenstein dress.  I have not bought the pattern yet.  I did however, manage to get a cammy and slip for the base of it.  I figure it will be something now for me to do during the winter when I am stuck inside once again.  Yeah I know, great at starting stuff really bad at finishing.  

Typical Aries trait.  Go ahead,  check your other Aries friends/family members and you will see a great track record of unfinished projects my Spudguns... I'll wait.

So last year for October,  I had done a series of posts of horror movies leading up to Hallowe'en, over on that women's site I had been part of.  That site is no longer around, and I was not smart enough to have made any copies of the posts. 
But hey,  that means I can start from scratch with a new series of posts that I will do next month leading up to Hallowe'en.  Won't that be fitting.  Might even start them soon and put them on timer to be posted once a day in October.  Get some of the "damned"  sided of this blog's "domestic and damned" theme. 
Thou I am sure there is at lest one MAN out there who already feels there is enough damned and not enough domestic related things on here as it is...

Suzie the Foodie has this really great Hallowe'en themed section of her food blog.  And I very much envy what she's been able to create.  I am not that talented I must say.  Thou I did try to find some of the molding pans last time I made it to the craft store.  Did not find anything.   The craft store had a stack of Christmas stuff and Valentine's stuff but nothing for Hallowe'en.   Have I mentioned yet this week how much I hate living in this town.
My goal food wise for October  is to make one thing that is Hallowe'en related.  I figure one thing over the course of 31 days should be enough for me to handle... right?