Thursday, September 23, 2010

I scoff at your breadmaker

"He bought me a bread maker." Erin the evil one said. This was two years ago.
"He bought me a bread maker."  my friend Butterfly said last Christmas.
"He bought me a bread maker."  my friend the High Priestess said on Valentine's Day.

I scoff at your bread makers. scoff scoff scoff.  This is me scoffing at you... lazy.  This tells me a few things about your husbands,  1) they wish you cooked more  and 2) they like gadgets that are too expensive that take up too much space and are difficult to clean 

Did you see me make bread from scratch... without a bread maker? 

Sure, the bread wasn't as quickly made (it took hours to make the few loaves we did)  but damn it! I am very proud of that given it was a first try.  I do not know how my grandmother did it every week, and would make nearly 12 loaves ... every Saturday. On top of her other cooking and cleaning. But totally worth it! 

If only I had a proper camera person I would do these comedy-cooking shows all the time. And what you are thinking has me blogging about that today?  Well my little Spudguns, I'm reading the last few chapters of "My Life in France" by Julia Child and got to the chapter on .... you guessed it bread.