Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who's your Celebrity Fashion Icon

So one of the Life Coaches asked the question "What celebrity do you see yourself as?"
I had no clue what she was getting at, at first.  I thought she meant for playing me in a movie of my life or something.  But no, she meant who's trends do I try to copy.


I do not think she believed me cause she asked me again, this time wording it slightly different asking if I see myself as a Jennifer Ansiton, or a Demi Moore, or Drew Barrymore etc.  
My answer was that there are no female celebrities that I fashion myself after.  I've fashioned myself after a few movie characters but not actors.  Like Starr from Lost Boys and Elvira and Stuart Townsend's version of Lestat from Queen of the Damned.  (I won't even start in on my Lestat fetish just take it as a given)

But there are a bunch of male stars I have fashioned myself after over the years from Jim Morrison to Billy Idol to Danzig to Hugh Dillon.   I even had a Raven phase after college but we won't get into that either, just add it to the Lestat as a given category.

 I suppose I just have never been a overly girly girl even when I wore skirts all the time.  Anyone who knew me in school will tell you I wore skirts even in the dead of winter. I stopped wearing them when I had my last surgery on my leg. 
I rarely wear make up any more either.  Just could not be bothered.  It's like, I spent the first 30 years of my life "dressing up"  now I just want to cruse in for a while.