Sunday, September 26, 2010

The All Austen Challenge

You all know I love Jane Austen.  Some of you might remember I was part of an all Jane Austen Challenge last year. 
Well, I was thinking of trying to do one myself.  Yes, I am hoping that a few of you Spudguns will join in with me. 
It will start in December of this year (2010) and run till March 2011.  It will be a short challenge.

And for any of the men out there reading,  I still have the open challenge happening over on my other blog.
The idea behind this new All Austen Challenge is to just have fun.

I've actually discovered, since following the AustenAuthors blog, that there are a few men writing Austen sequels.  I would be interested on what a few of my male Spudguns have to think about the new line of male Jane Austen writers.