Monday, August 8, 2011

Read me psychic man

Every notice, when you sign up for something like a weekly horoscope, you end up getting a lot of crap with it.   Those notes of fear and end of the world coming in 3 days if you don't act now and call them and spend big bags of cash to hear what they will do for you at a low price with a money back guaranty if you are not totally satisfied by the curse removal/talisman etc they are doing for you.  But yet when you unsubscribe they still keep throwing the fear crap at you and you still don't have your horoscope.... no just me.

And I'm not dissing on psychics, I have seen with my own eyes there are the real deals out there.

Remember, we are in the height and heart of Mercury Retrograde, expect a mass amount of screw ups with electronics, traffic and communications, as well as you hands-arms. 
This little reminder is directed at Spudguns in TNA and WWE today who are working.

enjoy my weirdness, I love you all and SMILE damn it!