Sunday, August 7, 2011

I can take her

Dear Spudguns:

Well, sitting here in mother's apartment once again, soaking up the air conditioning. The sounds of a TNA dvd over my shoulder... Best of the MMG.
Mom has a few of the ladies from her church group coming over later.  She had me pick up some goodies to serve for tea.  Spent over twenty bucks on cookies and cake when I could have bought the ingredients and made some myself.  No she didn't want to have the oven on today. Not bitter, not at all.

Mother is out with Ninja.  She took her out for a late birthday brunch.

I know it's time to start working on a new novel.  Even though the last one is still in the middle of everything, there's this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach that it's just time to start working on new characters.  Only I'm feeling so uninspired as of late. Not too sure what's wrong with me.
Anyways, Mr. Shelley if you happen upon this before the ppv tonight good luck don't get killed.

Love Ardeth Blood