Friday, August 19, 2011

Fright Night -Aug 19th

I was the first person in my city to see the film this afternoon besides the staff.  I hit the 1:40pm showing of the remake of Fright Night and found myself to be the only person in the screening room.  Yay me.

I loved this film.  Even though it was in 3D, it lived beyond my expectations.   

The comedy was there, full on with lines from the original film  "you're so cool brewster"   to a for sale sign through the heart.

The slight changes in characters from the 1985 film, were just balanced enough to make it work.  Giving the mother more depth, adding a few extra friends for the lead Charlie, making Peter Vincent a Vegas act instead of being a horror host, removing the renfield character all together.  All these little quirks added to the atmosphere of it. 

And this was a dark film.  You're hit with action right off the bat and it doesn't stop ... it's total non-stop action... {dude I had to }   With little touches that at times reminded me of Forsaken {there is a bit about tribes} and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer  {a gag about loosing an arm}

The die hard FN fans such as myself, will find the iconic dress, fangs and club scenes tweaked just enough to be modern without insulting the originals.   Best of all is the cameo by Chris Sarandon who for those who don't know, played the vampire in the original 1985 version.

By far, the update of Fright Night is a winner.  Let's hope the crew are smart enough to remake the sequel as well.