Saturday, August 6, 2011

Put it out there

My biggest fear.   Besides never getting married, is that I'll never get published.  That no one outside of a random few blog readers and the few publishers who've rejected me over the years will ever see my work.
I have this deep rooted fear, much like a oak tree's roots, thick and heavy and just searching for water; that it will not be until after I'm dead that my collection of stories will be seen by anyone other then myself.  Do not ask why, but I keep seeing my sister ripping through the many boxes of binders, notepads, loose leaf pages, computer files of my writings and drawings trying to create a best of to be published years after I'm cold in the grave.
It's a sad thought. 

This fear is also why I blog.  Why I try to type something every single day.  Spuddy, I envy you and the rest of the locker room, you're creations are out there right now for everyone to witness.  NO fear.

Now, back to the marriage issue....