Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its 4:44am where are you?

Or more likely to ask, what you doing?
Well Spudguns,  Me- I am wide awake again this time because of a very spooky dream... of bears. Yes, bears.  Big black bears.
So I've been searching online to find out what they mean as I think I should. 

I  have to go today to the doctor's again about my foot.   Should be oodles of fun.  I see in my future... more waiting.   Waiting for the doctor.  Waiting for a bus.  But at lest I should know what the hell is wrong with it... should being the keyword.

Book Club is this weekend, on Sunday.  I suppose it would be a good idea to finish reading Persuasion just in case someone actually shows up this time around.   Got a few emails from people saying they are coming, but as we know that's happened before and on the day I've ended up sitting there like a dork waiting with my coffee getting stood up.   Can you call it being stood up if it's not date related?  

Okay, think I will try to get back to sleep now.