Friday, August 5, 2011

Is tech making us laz....

Dear Spudguns:

Crazy thoughts, more like nightmares again, kept me awake for most the night.  Today is mother's birthday.   I'll most likely stop off at the bakery and pick up a cake on my way over today.

The heat here is unbreaking still. +29c with a +42c humidex.  I swear just sneezing makes me sweat right now.
This has got to be the most uneventful summer in years!  The city is deader then usual.  Anyways, I was watching the movie Fame  the other night.  The original from 1980, and started to wonder about something. Aren't I always wondering about something though?   In the original movie, one of the main characters can not read.

We're talking 1980, and that was still a massive problem with people, specially teens.  Now because of the internet, everyone can read which is a blessing. 
But, it's the issue now of the computer speak that's got me wondering... have we gotten lazy because of it? I'm talking here about the shorthand twitter style talk and the like. 

Just something to toss out there this morning before coffee.

Love Ardeth Blood